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New Beginnings…

I don’t really know how to start this off but I guess I will just talk about what i hope for this to be.

I want this blog to represent a lifestyle that I am trying to find for myself. I think as a student some times a lifestyle of peace, fitness, health, nutrition, happiness, hard work, and goal setting gets lost. I’m hoping to keep it strong, and in turn to maybe inspire some people along the way.

What I find will be important to this blog are the following things:

1. Goals — Goals — Goals!

How can anyone possibly improve without them? And why would anyone live without improving? We all want to be better, and setting real goals is the best way to do that.

2. Food Finds and Recipies

Everyone loves a good meal!!! And I love it when its healthy, so I’m going to share my finds here.

3. Exercises

I think sometimes we get stuck in ruts of doing the same thing to work out. I know I like to run and some times neglect everything else, so I want to keep it fresh with yoga poses, ab workouts, training programs, and any other exercise info I can get a hold of!

4. Motivation and Inspiration

We all need a self esteem boost once in a while, because we are all beautiful, we all do great things, and we all inspire others, its just that people forget to tell us. And if we don’t tell ourselves, who will?

5. Fitness Fashion!

I am a hardcore fashion lover, and I don’t always have the funds for what I want but regardless I’m going to share it!

6. Activities

Life isn’t always about exercise, its about friends and family, and all the amazing fun things we can do with our time together. And our health isn’t just about time at the gym, its about what we do everyday to maintain our lifestyle!

7. Music

I’m all about having the best playlist for any type of exercise, motivation, and for cool down!

Stay FabulousFit, and Full


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