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Think Positive!

Today I had an AH-HA MOMENT.

OK everyone, here is my attempt at motivation, and my mind is moving at 1000000 miles a minute so I apologize if this is unclear…BUT so I was just dancing around my living room because I felt like doing something positive to blow off some steam!!!!!!!!!

As I was dancing I realized I’ve been struggling because I’ve been being so negative lately, every little mistake I make is eating away at me. Instead I need to start focusing on the positive things I’ve accomplished!!!

LIKE TODAY I danced around my apartment for like 20 minutes, thats some solid exercise. and instead of being upset with myself about NOT running 5 miles yesterday, i should just be proud to have made it four miles!!!! RIGHT

SO REALLY all I’m trying to stay is we need to get positive and STAY positive.

Also, I love figure skating, like more than anyone or anything in the world. Today I decided I need to start skating again, I need to do the thing that I love, and I am going to. I’m so excited, theres just the minor issue of finding a rink in Philly without having a car.

SOOOOOOOOOOO my homework for everyone today (right now) is think of one really awesome thing you did today, and be proud of it.

ALSO what I’m going to do is try to make myself feel better with positive outlets, such as dancing, rather than negative ones, such as over eating!


Stay FabulousFit, and Full


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