Farm To City/ CSA

Ok everyone, I have something really important that I need to share with you!

The first is a national website where you can search for CSA Farms (community supported agriculture). This is a program that encourages eating LOCALLY. I think this is a huge thing  we forget about. most of these places you can request a box and they will mail it to you, or have it sent to a pick up location in the city. These boxes usually cost about $10 a week and will contain fresh, local, in season, and usually organic fruits and veggies.

The second is one specifically for the CSA Farms here in Philly.

I think that we really need to get back into this with the increased use of pesticides, and other food contaminants. But more importantly why are we supporting these big corporate farms that sell us veggies that have traveled half way across the globe (a major waste of resources), as well as foods out of season, and that have been dyed or covered in wax to look more appealing. I think we need to support our local farmers, you know your neighbor who sells his veggies at the farmer’s market and struggles to make a good profit?

So yeah, look into it, its convenient, local, fresh, forces you to learn new recipes that include in season veggies, and probably costs less than getting groceries at the local supermarket.


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