With Halloween coming up I wanted to post really quickly about being safe while working out.  I know there are many things we have to be careful of, especially when living in the city, but the easiest way to protect yourself is to get at RoadID. These are available as wrist bands, ankle bands, or shoe pouches. They allow for engraving of name, emergency contact information, and any health conditions. They only cost about $20 bucks and honestly can save your life.



I know its easy to think that nothing will ever happen to you, but if something were to happen, the ID is there to prevent you from being a Jane Doe. I knew some one who had an asthma attack while running (with no ID) and ended up in the hospital as a Jane Doe and her family was unable to find her for days and days. Wearing ID, with contact information, is just one small step that can help keep you safe while working out!


Sweat everyday, and remember:

Stay FabulousFit, and Full


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