What A Week

Happpy Thursday everyone!

First I must apologize for not posting anything over the past few days. I’ve been super stressed out about school, and other things in life. It has been a terrible week for me pretty much all around. I have gotten so behind in school work and have really had no motivation at all, which lead to me not doing so well on my anatomy exam today, but what’s done is done, and I can move on and stay caught up for the next unit.

I have nothing much good to post about my health over the past week. I was feeling pretty sick until Monday, and haven’t gotten a workout in since last Thursday (when I was so sick I could only run two miles). It gets worse!!!!! I’ve been eating out all week, and eating pizza, pasta, ice cream, and chocolate!!! And all of these things are my favorites (and great in moderation) but I’ve just been over doing it.

I’ve also been struggling with my attitude the past few days, I think poor food choices and not getting to work out just made me feel bad. THE worst part is that I got my hair cut yesterday and have been super self conscious of it all day today. I really feel like I need a visit from Operation Beautiful.

So you may be asking, what are the positive things to come out of my bad week? Well for one I am feeling very motivated to get my work done so I won’t fall behind on schoolwork. And in addition I am so excited to start working out again. And I’m uber excited to make a healthy recipe 🙂

So let me ask you, what are some things you have been struggling with in the past week?

Tonight I am going to make my super awesome chili, a healthy veggie recipe I got from my friend Ella’s family. I’ll be posting the recipe and photos later.

Have an awesome night everyone, Keep up the positivity


Sweat everyday, and remember:

Stay FabulousFit, and Full



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