Bittersweet November!

For me November can be a trying time, the weather starts getting colder, it gets darker sooner, Halloween candy starts to settle in my stomach, Thanksgiving and Christmas are just around the corner, and the list of reasons to go into hibernation mode just seem to stack up. I usually stop exercising regularly, start eating heavier meals, and along with that comes some weight gain and a shift away from the healthy balance that I try my best to maintain.

This winter I have made it my goal to avoid this slip from the bandwagon by making November a great month to stay on track!

So here are some goals I have set for myself:

1. To take my vitamin everyday!

2. To eat breakfast before leaving the house in the morning.

3. To limit eating out to once a week! (I’m pooor come on now)

4. To start working out in the morning before school instead of after!

5. To add strength training to my workouts three times a week (its really really really good for your bones, and I really don’t want osteoporosis some day)

6. To keep my alcohol consumption to a minimum, for me drinking leads to eating junk food, and I never feel too good about that the next day.

Do you struggle with your health in the winter time? If so what do you plan to do to prevent it this winter?


Sweat everyday, and remember:

Stay FabulousFit, and Full


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