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Snowball Effect.

Remember my last post last weekend about how terrible November can be? Well, the struggle continues!

Who wants to work out when it looks like this outside?

Hibernation mode just happens in a snowball effect. Today I was running for the first time in like two weeks and the whole time I was thinking about how out of shape I felt. I struggled through my second mile, and thankfully was able to complete the three I was hoping for, but it came with one central conclusion: I am OFFICIALLY out of summer shape.

I know that it doesn’t seem so bad, and for the most part we all gain a little winter weight, which is totally ok. My issue is with the whole snowball thing that happens with me. When my every aspect of my health is good I am able to maintain my balance, but as soon as one part begins to suffer they all suffer. So in addition to not running these past few weeks, I haven’t been eating healthy, and I’ve been eating out non-stop. For the past week I’ve been giving myself a break because Monday is my grocery day and the Philadelphia SEPTA (subway system) workers have been on strike so I have no way of getting to the grocery store.

On top of NOT working out and NOT eating healthy, I haven’t been motivated with my school work, and most importantly I haven’t been feeling to happy or confident. It’s just further proof that all of these things go together, and that there are so many reasons beyond being fit to stay in shape. I whole heartedly believe that it is beneficial to every aspect of my life, yet some how I haven’t been doing it and it shows in the way my body feels, as well as the way I feel about myself.

The past week has been really hectic for me in terms of starting my November get back on track goals. As I said before SEPTA is on strike, which means I have had to walk almost an hour to work every night through the not so safe parts of Philadelphia, I haven’t been able to get groceries, and I just started this job so it is a new commitment of 20 hours a week that I am just figuring out how to adjust my schedule to. The hours of my new job are 5-9pm the time I usually dedicate to dinner, working out, and on occasion studying.

I am in no way saying that my job is an excuse not to workout but it is forcing me to change my habits and schedule, and so my goal for last week was just to fit work and school in, so this week coming up its my goal to fit a workout into my day before school and work.

Doesn't this make you want to stay active all Winter?
Doesn't this just make you want to stay in shape all winter?

How do you guys prevent from getting drained with a hectic schedule, especially as we transition into winter?

And what are everyones’ goals for the week?


Sweat everyday, and remember:

Stay FabulousFit, and Full


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