A Healthier Thanksgiving…

Hello! Sorry I have been sort of m.i.a lately but the semester is gaining speed and I have been crazy busy with school and dance company (new aerial dance pictures coming soon)! One of my favorite food bloggers from Carrots’n’Cake has recently started working for a nutrition evaluation company called NuVal.  Their website offers a numerical analysis of every food you could think of and of course since it is Thanksgiving week they are featuring an article about swoping certain ingredients to make a healthier meal.  Check it out! I think it is important to celebrate with family, friends and food but also to try to decrease unecessarily high fat and calorie indredients when possible. Here are some of my favorite swops:

– chicken stock replaces butter and cream in stuffing

– whole wheat flour replaces all-purpose flour in baked goods

– frozen yogurt replaces ice cream on pies

– applesauce replaces butter in cookies

– yogurt replaces oil in quickbreads

Happy Thanksgiving all! Indulge in moderation 🙂 My favorite Thanksgiving treat is deffinetly the Apple and Pumpkin pies!!! yummmmy!


Sweat everyday, and remember:

Stay FabulousFit, and Full


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