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Heart-Pumping Running Paylist

Hello blogworld 🙂

So sorry for the dissapearing act we have both played in the last month. I have been beyond busy with the holidays, finals, parties, then getting back in shape and making the most of my break from classes. Anways I am back in action and ready for some great new posts.

For my break from school I joined a new gym in my area called KI Fitness  ( ). It is a 24 hour gym with fitness classes and it has been so great to motivate me to keep in shape while I am not dancing. For all of my running and elliptical training I composed a new playlist that is quite motivating so here it is:

Katie’s January-Stay-in-Shape-Mix

1. Down by Jay Sean

2. LoveStruck by VFactory

3. So Fine by Sean Paul

4. Sugar by Flo Rida

5. Fire Burnin by Sean Kingston

6. Evacuate the Dancefloor by Cascada

7. Sweet Dreams by Beyonce

8. Bad Romance by Lada Gaga

9. TikTok by Kesha

10. Tie Me Down by New Boyz

11. Hard by Rihanna

12. Baby by Me by 50 Cent

13. Put it in a Love Song by Alicia Keys

14. Telephone by Lada Gaga

15. Bedrock by LilWayne

Go sweat it out!

Check out my favorite workout on the Fit page


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