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The Burger Master

I am the luckiest girl in the world. Why??? Because my boyfriend has this amazing talent of making the juciest, most flavorful burgers I have ever experienced. Yes I know you are jealous. I told you he is the steak master, but oh yes…he is also the burger master.

This weekend the weather was nice and after a nice walk on the beach we were starving and craving summer foods. So my wonderful on-demand chef and I whipped up some delicious burgers!

We made beef burgers (mixed with unknown special/secret ingredients that Shawn will never tell me about) on Thomas’s Whole Wheat Bagel Thins. We topped the burgers with american cheese, mushrooms, lettuce, tomato, and pickles and enjoyed some homemade sweet potato fries on the side (my favorite!).

This meal REALLY hit the spot. I desperately wish I could tell you all the secret/special ingredients that he puts into these burgers to make them so fantastic…but it is just impossible. The  Thomas’s Bagel Thins worked out really well and held the burger together nicely with all our toppings . I hate too much bun, these were a perfect trade-up!

A few hours after these were consumed we continued with the “summer” theme and made a small fire in the backyard in the fire pit . We made s’mores with toasted coconut marshmallows (so good!), dark chocolate and whole grain graham crackers. Talk about trade-ups! I love fires and it was the most fun I had all week just sitting by the fire with my burger master 🙂

Hope everyone had an amazing weekend too!

What are your favorite trade-ups when making classic meals more nutritious?

Love, Katie


7 thoughts on “The Burger Master

  1. i guess we’ll just have to torture it out of him;) it really does look good though…an mushrooms! i love mushrooms on my burger. best combo ever.

    trade up…hhhmmm cant think of any….sorry. i go all out or dont go at all…

  2. Hey Katie- I just found your blog from Caitlin over at HTP. It caught my eye because I’m a recent UNH alum!! Hope you are having a blast up there in Durham. I look forward to adding you guys to my Google Reader! -Maura PS. (because I have to) Gooo Wildcats!!

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