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HT has Swallowed Me Whole!

Well….it turns out that I might have landed one of the most exciting, exhausting and exhilarating internships on the planet. Two weeks ago I flew down to Bethesda, MD to meet the CEO of Honest Tea, tour the headquarters and be introduced to one of the most socially responsible, sustainable and wholesome companies I have ever discovered.

I am not allowed to talk a lot about the internship, but you should know that I will not be blogging as much as I would like  because I am traveling all over New England promoting this company/lifestyle. After returning from Maryland, my team and I were in Boston at Earthfest and most recently traveled to Berlington, VT for the Vermont City Marathon! I am absolutly thrilled to be promoting this health-minded company and an organic product that is truly delicious and nutritious :). Sadly, I don’t think I can share too many pictures, but I will still keep you updated with good eats(since I am eating out so much on the road!) and my attempts to continue working out (even though the job itself is a workout).

I hope you are all enjoying the beautiful sunshine:)

-Katie ❤ 


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