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Back in Motion

Hello again blogworld! It has been far too long since I have been able to post. Mostly because I was working 40+ hours with my internship and on vacation with my family and then moving back into school. Now I am finally all settled in for my last year of college and  suddenly have tons of time to do nothing! It’s weird transitioning from working so much to just being in school and not having a lot of homework to do yet. The best thing about this year…full renovated apartment:

Anyways, over the summer I enjoying learning enormous amounts of information about the natural food industry and field marketing with Honest Tea and I met tons of amazing people. I was also able to network with people from Stoneyfield, Kind, Bear Naked, Cliff, Pirate’s Booty and many other interesting companies. Oh and…one of the BEST parts of the job..all the free stuff! I ended up coming out of a lot of events with big bags of granola, bottles of wine, you name it. It was an amazing experience and I really recommend the internship to other marketing students who are looking for one.

In other news, with the start of the school year comes the start of the dance season! Yes, after 4 months of not dancing one single bit (because of my internship) I have gone back full-swing into aerial, tap and jazz and have come out incredible sore, discouraged and outright depressed about the state of my body. It is amazing how much strength you can lose so easily. I am now kicking myself for not working out harder during the summer, but I really didn’t have much time for it. Now I have to kick my butt into gear and get ready because Dance Company auditions are on Tuesday! eeek! I need to be like this picture again very soon.
I have been thinking a lot about using protein powder to try to build muscle quickly, but I really have no idea if I actually need it and if it would actually help me. I see runners using it all the time on other blogs, but I have also heard that it is expensive and unnecessary as long as you are getting plenty of protein into your diet. But with aerial, do I need more protein in order to build more muscle, or is the amount from my diet ok? Anyone have any suggestions on that?



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