The Roundabout Diner

I feel really bad doing this, but I have to be honest about my most recent dining experience. Last night was my first time at The Roundabout Diner in Portmouth, NH so I don’t know if the situation is always the same, but Shawn and I had a very unfortunate experience there.

First of all, we were really looking forward to trying The Roundabout becuase we had heard a lot about it AND it is going to be featured on Phantom Gourmet within the next month! We are huge fans of Phantom so we thought it must be a good place.

Second, I had this huge craving for sweet potatoe fries ALL DAY and I was determined on getting some for dinner, so we looked at the menu online and sure enough the sweets were on it so we were on our way!

Thirdly, We were both incredibly starving by the time we got there. I thought I was going to faint or eat my arm.

We walk inside and the whole place is decorated like a 50’s style diner, SO CUTE, and we were greated by Flip our waiter who was extremely accommodating and friendly :). He might have been the best part of our dinner.

Upon looking at the menu we both decided to get the Kobe burgers with sweet potatoe fries. We had never tried Kobe beef before and although it was 4 dollars extra, we thought it might be worth it. Then Flip informs us that the restaurant is in fact OUT OF SWEET POTATOES. I almost got up and left, because we did call 3 restaurants before this one to ask if they had sweet potatoe fries.  Ugh, I was so dissapointed…I wanted to be like “Can’t someone go to the grocery store and pick some up?” Geez, it’s right down the street! So out of extreme hunger, Shawn and I just ordered the burgers and I got sauteed spinach instead of my sweets. Big bummer. Also, I ordered the burger on whole wheat bread because it was clearly displayed on the menu that they HAD IT AVAILABLE.

Shawn is very particular with his burgers being medium rare, NOT well done. The last few times he got a burger he asked for medium rare…and of course got well done. So we had Flip ensure us that our burgers would ACTUALLY come out medium rare…

30 minutes and 2 desperate sugar packets later…our dinners come out of the kitchen and are plopped down in front of us. Within the first few seconds of looking at the burger, I know its not whole wheat. But I smile and dive in…becuase I am about to faint. I have to say it was nicely displayed and came with some deep fried pickles which were divine. It was a Mushroom and Swiss Kobe Burger with tomato, lettuce, onion and deep fried pickles with a side of sauteed spinach.

After a few bits, Shawn looks up and while trying to hold onto some piece of positivity about this experience he exclaims that his burger is in fact, well done. Also, we are pretty sure that the beef isn’t even Kobe beef as it was so dry we couldn’t even squeeze one drop of juice out of it. Did we get scammed 8 bucks? So without talking about the dissapointment going into our mouths we finish our dinners, probably in less that 10 minutes and ask for the check.

Here is the dilema…

When you ask for specific things at a restaurant and you don’t receive ANY of those things it is a pretty big disappointment. Especially when it should be a joyous occasion to go out to eat. However, everyone knows that if you send something back to the kitchen you have a pretty good chance of having your food defaced in some manner. And if you are starving, you don’t really have the choice of walking out and finding another restaurant when you have waited all that time.

So do you tell the waiter? It’s not Flip’s fault the meal wasn’t right. Do you refuse to pay even though you ate it out of hunger?  Are we just picky eaters? Or should we expect to get what we order? I just don’t know anymore.

We paid and left without saying anything to Flip. We didn’t want to be rude and we had a movie to catch…


2 thoughts on “The Roundabout Diner

  1. I dont know about you, but I would have sent it back. I have alot of guts and I will NOT pay for food that I did not want. That might sound rude, but food can be expensive and I am a college student that cannot waste money on a bad meal!! 🙂

  2. at least give them a second chance to get it right. maybe they legitimately didn’t understand what you wanted.

    send it back! you should be understanding of this coming from a household with joe oconnor, most terrible customer ever.

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