Pumpkin Roll

Enter ingredients…

…Can you guess what I’m baking yet???

That’s right, we conquered a Pumpkin Roll this weekend and it was NOT one of the easiest desserts I have ever made. But the end result was definitely worth the process.

Step 1: Mix the sugar and eggs together until fluffy. Then add the pumpkin and dry ingredients and spread onto a (greased and floured) wax paper lined 15×10 sheet pan.

Step 2: Admire handsome sous chef :). Just kidding, bake for 15 minutes at 375 degress.

Step 3: Take out of oven and flip onto powdered sugar covered towel. This should be done swiftly as to not break the cake in half.

Step 4: Laugh histerically at the giant cloud of powdered sugar that explodes from underneath the cake when Step 3 was performed.

Step 5: Start rolling the cake with the towel onto itself. Don’t worry, cracking will happen! It will still taste amazing!

Step 6: Go watch 13 Going on 30 while the roll cools in the freezer (we were impatient).

Step 7: Remember that you still have to make the icing. Whip up some cream cheeze, butter, vanilla and powdered sugar into a lovely frosting.

Step 8: Take the roll out of the freezer (or wherever you are letting it cool) and check to see if it is cool yet.

Step 9: Carefully unroll the cake and frost that baby up! Then even more carefully roll it back up, transport it to a nice platter (the towel should be a bit saturated with sugar by now) and sprinkle with powdered sugar.

Step 10: Devour a decent sized piece of Pumpkin Roll to celebrate your latest baking success, snuggled on the couch with your sous chef and your puppy watching 13 Going on 30!

*This recipe is all over the internet and on the back of the pumpkin cans so I won’t post the exact recipe because I just got it from the Land O’ Lakes website 🙂

It was the perfect snack on a lazy Sunday. But beware, start with a small piece as it sits pretty heavily in your belly 😉 Enjoy with a nice glass of milk.


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