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Katie’s Favorite Things

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and/or holiday weekend! I know that I did and I have many wonderful gifts to show from it. I was pretty much showered with generosity from all of my friends and family this year and I would like to show some of my favorites! It’s kind of like Oprah…but not as epic…or annoying.

In case you are still in the giving mood, these are some great gifts for the foodie/dancer/girlfiend/student in your life.

In order of amazingness, 5 being great and 1 being the  most fantastic gift of all time.

#5  Dark Chocolate Santa– Delicious and full of healthy antioxidants! Plus we supported a local business (The Chocolatier). They are the best.

#4 Britney Spears Hidden Fantasy Perfume– Everyone needs to smell good 🙂 and BSpears knows how to do it right. This fragrance is subtly sweet and flowery.

#3 Stonewall Kitchen Roasted Garlic Bread Spread-This stuff is mouth-wateringly strong, addicting and will repel the evilest of vampires. It is epic. I made my brother a sandwich with it and he said it was the best lunch he ever had. Nuff said.

#2 TomTom GPS– Desperately needed and about 6 months too late. This would have saved me many tears and countless hours of lost driving during my summer with Honest Tea, but now we can use it on our trip to Florida next month :).

And finally…

#1 Aerial Dancer Sculpture– This gift was hand made by a local NH artisan, Deborah O’Leary. It was specially made with a blonde ponytail to portray non-other than your very own Katie. Thank you mom for giving me such a special and one-of-a-kind gift. I truly love it.

A big thank you to everyone for all my gifts and I hope everyone liked the ones I gave them…stale popcorn and all.

What are your favorite things that you received for the holidays?


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