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Florida Sun and Good Eats

A few weeks ago I had the ultimate pleasure of venturing to Vero Beach, Florida with my boyfriend for 9 days. This was not just any vacation…it was in fact, Shawn’s FIRST time on an AIRPLANE, first time OUT of New England, and his first time at DISNEY!!! He was like a little boy on Christmas. We went from 9 degree weather to 85 degree weather in a matter of hours and it was amazing…

We explored Islands of Adventure, airboating, Animal Kingdom, toasted coconut ice cream, u-turns, and of course multiple delicious meals at some of Florida’s finest restaurants ;). Luckily, I was able to run on the beach most mornings to burn off some of those extra calories…oh what paradise we were in :).

One of my favorite places that we ate was inside of Islands of Adventure near the new Wizarding World of Harry Potter (which was amazing). It was called Mythos and is apparentlyvoted one of the best theme park restaurants in the world!

I had risotto with steak tips, asparagus, mushrooms and tomatoes which was of course incredibly delicious. Shawn had a barbeque chicken wrap that actually had mashed potatoes inside of it?! He said it was awesome.

The next great place we went to eat was a place called the Tiki Bar in Fort Pierce. It was right over the water with a thatched roof, live music and lots of energy! It was a bit overwhelming, but ended up being one of my favorite meals! I had a seafood salad sandwich on a croissant and sweet potatoe fries.

This was the night we discovered toasted coconut ice cream. You need to get it, it will amaze you. Sadly, we were too excited to take any pictures before diving into our cones ;).

The rest of our vacation was full of countless hours yelling at the GPS, fighting moskito storms on the highway and visiting many interesting creatures in their natural habitats such as…

The American Alligator, dolphins, the Great White Egret, an armadillo, a bobcat, bunnies, Ghost Crabs and many more.

Now comes my ultimate favorite restaurant from our trip. Maggiano’s Little Italy in Orlando surprised and delighted me by offering whole wheat pasta as a substitution option for all of their delicious pasta dinners! I ordered the Shrimp Scampi with tomatoes and brocolini. It was dangerously delicious. I literally had a garlic and butter sauce mustache by the end of it. We also had the stuffed mushrooms which were insanely addicting.

I swear I am wearing a different outfit…just the same jacket.

Overall, we both agreed that we probably gained about 20 pounds each eating out every day, but we hope we worked it off walking around the theme parks and chasing after armadillos on the side of the road…

The day after we landed in Boston the Northeast was hit with another great snowstorm. We squeezed our eyes tight and desperately tried to transport ourselves back to paradise, but reality won that fight. Back to school and work for us…but not without some healthy daydreaming every once in a while.


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