Pizza and Cupcakes…all you really need.

Hello blogworld 🙂

I am back in action! Last weekend I finally found some time away from work and dance to explore some of the new restaurants and stores in downtown Portsmouth! That place has exploded in the past few months and there is so much to see and do all of a sudden.

Shawn and I had a hankering for pizza so we wandered over to the brand new Upper Crust of Portsmouth. I had been there before, but Shawn hadn’t so it was a new experience for him.

The space was a bit cramped, but we really liked the pizza tins hanging from the ceiling and everything was very clean. The manager was super nice, although it took a while to get our pizza. That was probably because we had a rediculous assortment of toppings as per usual. Once the pizza came out we were ravenous and the smell of melting mozarella and sizzling garlic was mouth-watering.

We ordered half a Gepetto’s Roasted Veggie which had red Sauce, mozzarella, herb roasted eggplant, zucchini, yellow squash and fresh basil and half a Pedro’s Steak & Gorgonzola Margherita which had marinated steak and gorgonzola cheese PLUS we added red peppers and onions to that half ALL on a whole wheat curst. Oh boy, tough to write and probably even tougher to make. I have to admit we are picky pizza eaters. We just really want it to be incredibly delicious. And this pizza did not dissapoint. It was amazing! The cheese was creamy, the veggies were fresh and the crust was perfect.

We basically rolled ourselves out of there, filled to the brim with pizza and wandered down the street to check out some of the other new stores.

Not suprisingly, we soon ended up at Portsmouth Baking Company for some dessert. I have to say, their sign alone made me want to come in. It’s bright blue and quite cheery! This place is apparently brand new also and was a bit overwhelming at first. It was just like walking into Willy Wonka’s factory! There is a trains that circles the whole dining room that brings samples from the glassed-in baking room upstairs down to the guests.

We were still incredibly full from the pizza so after a full 10 minutes of just staring at the luscious desserts and magical appeal of the whole place we ordered a Vanilla Cupcake with Chocolate Frosting to-go.

We told ourselves that we will be back ASAP because honestly PBC looks out-of-this-world. They also have lunch and dinner so we are planning to go back for one of those very soon. I can’t wait 🙂

All in all, it was a great afternoon out in downtown Portsmouth and we rolled ourselves home to enjoy an afternoon of….nothing :)…accompanied by Adam Sandler’s new movie Just Go With it, which happened to be quite hilarious!

I would definitely recommend these two new restaurants to Portsmouth go-ers…and the movie too.

Who knows where we’re going this weekend, but it better be delicious! What new restaurants have you gone to lately?

Have a great Saturday!


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