Summer Solstice Supper

This week was full of delicious and healthy food! As everyone knows the summer solstice was on Tuesday and I was lucky enough to be invited to a Solstice Super at the CSA we belong to in our town. Willow Pond Community Farm is a small farm with about 75 families that help to keep the lettuce growing and the tomatoes bug-free.

To celebrate the beginning of the summer growing season and nurture some community bonds the farm hosted a dinner where everyone brought a dish that incorporated some kind of local ingredient. My mom recently acquired a Pampered Chef deviled egg holder/tray (yes they really exist) so she decided this was the perfect opportunity to use it! We also get free local eggs from a few of her friends who have chickens(can you tell we live in Brentwood, NH yet?). We give them our newspapers and they give us fresh local eggs. It’s a pretty good deal.

Anyways, the supper couldn’t have taken place on a more beautiful day! As families wandered in with homemade dishes in hand, my mom and I sat salivating at the sight of all this delicious food. 

Doesn’t she look pretty? Finally it was time to eat and we filled out plates high with gourmet goodies and earthy salads! It was a foodie’s paradise. Everything tasted so fresh and flavorful because it was literally grown from the land we were sitting on with the hands of the people sitting across the table from us. 

I had some kale quiche, pesto and roasted veggie pasta, a cheddar and chive scone, a garden salad (literally), a deviled egg (of course), some rhubarb cake, homemade strawberry frozen yogurt and much more! I was surprisingly not that full walking back to the car, probably because everything was so fresh and healthy.

And our deviled eggs were the hit of the buffet table. We went home with an empty Pampered Chef deviled egg holder, happy bellies and a new sense of appreciation for the farm and the people in our community. 

We also went home with yet another giant bag of kale from our CSA produce share. Which we promptly turned into kale chips. This is the only way we know how to make it edible. We seriously have a kale problem in this house. It sits around for days until someone makes chips with it or throws it out.

So how do you make kale delectable? I know it’s super healthy and I want to like it. Will it ever be something I crave? Please help!


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